Honeycomb Cellular Blinds(3)

Manual Bead Transparent Cellular Blinds

The honeycomb design of J.S.L. cellular window and door shades makes them insulating and highly energy efficient. The cells prevent air from entering or escaping through windows, thereby maintaining a more consistent internal temperature in your home. Along with a large color selection, we offer several customization options for your indoor cellular shades, including cordless, top-down bottom-up, motorized, two-on-one, and day/night.

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25mm Transparent Cellular Blinds

Some of our most popular window treatments are cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades. Honeycomb shades are a great combination of style and low-cost operation. They come in a wide range of styles and colors, and can be easily customized to match any décor in your home.

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25mm Blackout Cellular Blinds

Cellular Shades are intended to be both decorative and functional. Their eye-catching honeycomb shape traps hot and cold air that would otherwise escape through your windows, lowering your energy bills all year.

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Zebra Blinds(3)

38mm Zebra Blinds With Steel Chain

Zebra blinds are currently very popular. In fact, because of its sophisticated appearance, it is the product of the hour. Even though they are all the same decorative window treatment, this innovation in the window covering industry is known by many names.

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28mm Zebra Blinds With Cover

One type of blind is zebra blinds, which are also known as soft gauze blinds, rainbow blinds, soft silk, dimming roller blinds, and double roller blinds. Zebra blinds are a type of textile made of small pieces of fabric and gauze that are all the same width and spaced apart.

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17mm European Easy Fix Zebra Blinds

Our zebra dual shades combine the style and light control of horizontal blinds with the softness of fabric shades. Fabric vanes float between layers of soft, knitted fabric sheers, providing relief from harsh sunlight. Your furniture and comfort will be protected inside your home because it can block up to 99 percent of harmful UV light.

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RV Blinds(5)

RV Honeycomb Blinds

The honeycomb blinds are also known as cellular shades. Its design is inspired by honeycombs because the internal structure is similar to honeycombs, and it can keep the room at a constant temperature and has heat insulation properties. As you may be aware, the structure of this type of honeycomb curtain is relatively simple, the lines are relatively bright, and it gives people a fast-paced feeling, so it is widely used in some office places, and it is an independent operating system, with relatively smooth operation.

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RV Roller Blinds

Consider your light and privacy preferences when selecting RV blinds. Tillable slats in blinds allow for precise light control during the day, but some light seepage when closed. Shades provide additional privacy and are available in blackout fabrics.

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RV Venetian Blinds

J.S.L. BLIND provides RV window blinds and shades that are specifically designed window coverings for motor homes, trailers, campers, and other vehicles. Our RV mini blinds are custom made to fit your recreational vehicle and are simple to measure and install!

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RV Pleated Blinds

The pleated blind is exquisite and beautiful, simple and fashionable, and its pleated appearance is simple and quiet, revealing its exceptional charm. Its design concept is inspired by the folded waves created by a breeze blowing across the sea, and it also feels immersive at home, making it ideal for modern homes.

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