wood blinds supplier
2022-11-14 15:04:56

wood blinds supplier

Wooden louver is a style of window, which originated in China. It was used in ancient Chinese architecture from the Warring States Period to the Han Dynasty. It mainly uses it to ventilate and exchange fresh air. As a wood blinds supplier, we will introduce it to you.


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Advantages of wood blinds


It is convenient to clean. Usually, you just need to wipe it with a rag. Please use a neutral detergent when cleaning. Don't worry about fading and discoloration. The waterproof shutter can also be completely washed.


It can block ultraviolet rays, effectively block the penetration of ultraviolet rays, and protect furniture from fading due to the influence of ultraviolet rays.


To protect privacy, the concave and convex direction of the blade is used to block the outside view. While lighting, it blocks the outside view from top to bottom. At night, if the convex face of the blade is indoor, the shadow will not be reflected outside.


Installation tips of wood blinds


  • The window is not a regular rectangular window. The width or height of each measuring position is within 5mm, which will not affect the production and installation of louvers. If it is greater than 5mm, it is necessary to add wood on both sides or up and down of the window to compensate for the irregularity of the window. Installed on wooden surface


  • The external installation mode can be selected, that is, the wooden frame is made according to the widest and highest opening frame size, fixed on the outer wall of the hole, and the shutter is fixed on the wooden frame.


  • If the window is made of cement, slate or other structures that are difficult to fix the shutter, the lining and wall must be fixed, and then the product must be installed on the lining.


  • Installation method If the shutter is fixed, it will bring inconvenience to the cleaning of the window glass. Generally, fixed installation is not selected.


  • The swing mode has the characteristics of good sealing, and is suitable for the installation of small windows or single windows and double windows.


  • The push-pull type occupies small space and is suitable for the installation of general windows.


  • Folding mode is suitable for opening multiple windows. Typically, when you use a zone or French window, it is installed in the inner frame.


How to install wood blinds?


Built in installation


Built in installation refers to the installation of zinc wood shutters on the inside of windows, which not only ensures the anti-theft safety of a single building, but also maintains the overall appearance of the whole building.


In order to achieve a unified appearance, some residential districts require different owners to install different types of anti-theft windows, which will lead to different appearances. The owners are required to install the built-in windows uniformly, which is both anti-theft and beautiful.


External installation


External installation refers to the installation of wood blinds outside the window, which is also a common installation method in practice. Most owners adopt external installation. Features of external installation: It does not affect the normal use of the inner window. It forms the first security barrier to the outside world and has better anti-theft performance. It is convenient for installation and maintenance. Compared with a single building, the appearance is more beautiful.

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